Putting put pen to paper two months after starting at Mountside Ventures.

Thinking back…

I had formed an image of what individuals in VC were like primarily through late nights at university reading Paul Graham and Mark Suster essays; meticulous analysts, able to contextualise an often very abstract concept with financial and scientific precision.

I naively never thought emotional intelligence would come into play; the ability to look beyond numbers and act with a degree of empathy towards founders and their solution — I personally blame it on the constant state of panic of wondering what I wholeheartedly wanted to do after…

Employee Share Option Schemes (ESOPs) are important components of a company’s compensation strategy, and even more so at the early and growth stage. They require planning and careful consideration.

At a basic level, share options are a way of sharing company ownership with the wider team. It gives employees the right to purchase shares at a typically low specified price, by a specific date, in a promising early-stage business. The employee is under no obligation to buy, or “exercise”, any of their options.

Why bother?

  • Increase employee performance and productivity by aligning the business objectives (i.e. …

Jack Richardson

Venture capital enthusiast | Manchester, UK

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